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What Clients Have Said

"I couldn't have got through my chemotherapy without Marias wonderful help.  My hypnotherapy was relaxing and positive.  She taught me how to escape to my own special place which helped through the pain and anxiety of cancer treatment."

"I had been to counselling many years ago, and had not found it very useful.  I went to Maria after the breakdown of my marriage. I found the combination of approaches Maria uses very useful.  She recorded hypnotherapy sessions so I could listen to them at home.  That meant in our weekly sessions we had time to talk.  She gave me a comfortable place to express myself and helped me with strategies as I rebuilt my life.  I highly recommend her."

 "I was suffering from a severe fear of flying for almost 5 years, which made seeing my family, who live abroad, very complicated and expensive.  I decided to see Maria about this, and what can I say In three intensive sessions she somehow managed to make me step away from my crippling fear, see it for what it is and put it aside.  I now fly confidently and without any anxiety.  Marias hypnotherapy worked brilliantly for me.  I can wholeheartly recommend her!"

 "I went to Maria with Travel anxieties.  The consultation and hypnotherapy sessions helped me feel relaxed and confident in situations where I previously felt stressed.  She also taught me techniques to deal with anxiety in other areas of my life."

Testimonials: Testimonials
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